What Makes Love True

What Makes Love True

What Makes Love True

"What Makes Love True?" a book by Dr. Michael Herbert.

Love is a commitment to responsibility and the responsibility to commit. There is an unending supply of manuscripts depicting love. Could it be that there is someone else writing about love? After all, with all the printed information about love, is there a need for or even room for one more thought concerning the subject of what is love?

This book has evolved from tragic circumstances. It is an attempt to give real meaning to the question, what is love? By no means am I trying to say that this is the only revelation of love, or the only answer to the question. What I wanted to communicate to the reader or the listener is that there are some absolutes that are real and tangible regarding the meaning of love.

The ten points being made in this book are brought from the Bible and can be practiced by Christians and non-Christians alike. That is because the principles apply to both Christians and non-Christians. They are like laws that govern relationships. I had listed a few more than these ten points, but felt that the points in this book were the most important ones and they covered a broader perspective.

Each chapter has been divided into five sections. The first section is the defining point. The second section provides scriptural references from a biblical text for the point being made. The third section has a discussion that is explained in a few paragraphs. The fourth section is an applied marriage application; hopefully, to be applied to today's marriages. And, last but not least, the fifth section is a question and answer section. The section ends with a discussion for the husband and the wife to participate in and also includes a thought for a single person to ponder.

It is my sincerest desire that after reading this thesis that a question of what is love can be answered, and that there will be a complete satisfaction that needs no further investigation.

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